Would you like to bring your pet with you to our neighbors to the south or to another country?  In order to plan your trip with your animal and thus avoid a few unpleasant surprises, here are some important instructions and information to know before your departure and your visit to our hospital. Certain procedures need to be done several weeks, sometimes months before departure:
  1. You must look at the specific instructions for the country you are going to at the following address: https://inspection.canada.ca/animal-health/terrestrial-  animals/exports/pets/eng/1321265624789/1321281361100.Some countries have very strict requirements and approved medications which may be different from what your pet has received. It is therefore possible that we have to administer vaccines or give the medication necessary for the departure of your animal according to what is required by this country. It is therefore your responsibility to check what needs to be done before leaving for the country visited with your animal. If documents need to be completed by our team, you must print them out and bring them to us during your visit with a technician.
  2. If certain vaccines or medications have been given elsewhere than at our veterinary facility, be sure to send us a copy of your pet’s medical record before your appointment with us.
  3. Here are some questions you will have to answer during your appointment:
    • What is the departure date?
    • What is the country of arrival?
    • Do you have a connecting flight?  If so, where is your connecting flight?
    • Is the person traveling with the animal the same person listed in our records? This is very important as it will be checked at the country of arrival
    • Is the microchip registered under the name of the person traveling with the animal? If not, you may need to make the changes with the microchip company
  4. It is important, if you are traveling by plane with your pet, to notify your airline in advance and to validate if they have specific regulations. Among other things, confirm the size of the carrier required in the cabin or in the lower hold of the aircraft.
  5. Following the appointment with the technician, your animal may also need to be examined by a veterinarian before your departure. If so, an appointment will be booked and charges will apply.

If you have any questions, we invite you to contact ACIA at:

  • Montreal: (514) 283-8888
  • Mirabel: (450) 420-3774

The whole team wishes you a great trip!