Euthanasia is likely the most difficult decision a pet parent can make for their pet. Here, at Bellerive, we understand the strength it takes for you to call us and ask about how all this works. Therefore, we have gone ahead and put all the details here for you, so you do not have to put more stress on your shoulders than you already have.

Euthanasia is the act of letting an animal pass without pain. It is reserved in moments where the animal is suffering, and you and the vet have decided that they no longer have a quality of life. It is always better to call us to take an appointment to avoid waiting during a rush. This way we will be able to accept you into a room without delay.

Shortly upon entering the room, a technician will join you to explain to you the next steps, have you sign a permission form, and have you pay in the room in advance. This way you do not have to wait at the reception to pay when you would rather head home and mourn in the comfort of your own home with your family.

The technician will install an intravenous catheter so that we have good access to the vein during the procedure. She will then give you time to spend with your pet. We understand the pain you feel in this moment, so do not feel rushed, take the time you need to say goodbye. It is always possible to assist, however there is the option not to be present for those who prefer it. We are open to what you need in that moment. Once you are ready, the vet will proceed by administering 2 injections; the first renders your pet unconscious, the second, is the injection that will allow your pet to pass on. The procedure is painless.

By this point you will have decided in advance with the technician what type of cremation you would want. Regular cremation; no ashes are returned to you or, individual cremation; your animal will be cremated separately, and their ashes will be returned to you. Either in a standard material bag, or you may decide to choose an urn. You may view the urns and other commemorative items in advance on the website of Incimal, the animal crematorium that we work with at You may contact another crematorium that you prefer and arrange for them to take your animal into their care afterwards.
If you do not want the ashes but would still like something to remember your pet, a paw print can be made by Incimal as well.

We understand and sympathize with you in these difficult moments; therefore, we will do whatever we can on our part to make this experience less stressful for you. Please call us if you need anything more.