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Our pets can’t speak. For some of us, it’s the reason we love them even more! But our pets do speak, using body language. Turns out the have a lot to say! It’s important for everyone including children to learn and understand the body language of cats and dogs so we can prevent and avoid accidents.

In most cases, dog or cat bites are due to fear. Animals will always give us a heads-up before resorting to biting or scratching. It’s our job to listen and to teach our children early on when to leave an animal alone. Teach them how to approach and act around animals as well.

Use the chart to help you understand your pet better and to hear them when they are trying to tell you that they like something, or if something is scaring them. Often children cannot understand their body language, so they depend on you to keep an eye on them at all times when interacting with animals and animals also depend on you to help them translate how they feel.

Some animals are afraid of children, so it is best to establish boundaries. Allow your pet to escape and hide if they want to and never force your pet into a situation that makes them uncomfortable.

Do not hesitate to ask the staff if you have any questions regarding your pet’s behaviour. Together we can work as a community to better understand our fur babies, and to protect people by reducing the number of dog and cat bites.