19 of November, 2020 : modification for visiting the Bellerive Animal Hospital;

Please note that we must reserve our consultations for our existing clients only, we apologize for the inconvenience. To decrease the risk of transmission, only 5 clients are allowed in the building at all times. Three clients are allowed to wait in the waiting room while their pets are being examined, and two clients at the reception.

  1. Once you arrive in the parking lot of the clinic, stay in your car, a staff member will call you at the time of your appointment.
  2. Once the technician has called you, she will let you know that you can come to the front and wait in the waiting room.
  3. Only one client per appointment is allowed to be present in the waiting room.
  4. Wearing a mask while in the clinic is mandatory before entering the building.
  5. All clients must disinfect their hands with the antiseptic gel provided once they enter the building.
  6. The exam/consult will take place inside the exam room by the veterinarian and technician. Once the exam is done, the technician will exit the room and will ask you to enter the room to discuss the exam with the veterinarian. A maximum of 2 people can be in the consult room at a time.
  7. If you are coming to get food or medication, you can come to the reception area, the receptionist will serve you. Only 2 clients at a time is permitted.
  8. For all renewals for medication, there is a 24 hour delay. Please call us in advance or send us an email.

As always, the Bellerive Animal Hospital Team assures you quality service and thanks you for your collaboration and patience.